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BUSINESS Future Skill

International Trade and Investment


Here at centre of European continent, in the centre of culture and in the middle of roads we are happy to assist you with every of your undertakings and expectations.

Giallo supports its clients in constant growth and development.

We will instantly help to create commercially-led achievable growth strategies of your business according to your everyday needs.

We ensure that you get in front of the right people and have the right conversations.

We work alongside, and as an extension, of our clients.

Giallo supports its clients in building and executing successful plans to cooperate with trustworthy and reliable partners, extend business and goods flow following the demands of time and current economic situation.

why choose us?

Collaboration with GIALLO guarantees customers durable goods at low asking prices, high quality of work performance, the use of unique expert experience, lower costs for the implementation of your projects.

Great Support

We are a company of thinkers; assisting and challenging our clients to effectively compete in international trade, functioning is intermediary between your company and international market of consumer goods, facilitating research of the required nomenclature under your demands and needs.


Our strategic support of your business spans the key areas – from the markets/sectors/channels in which to compete, defining and positioning the client’s demand, and how to organize best to achieve maximum results and minimize applicable costs.